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Santiago Garza

Born and raised in Sunny San Diego, CA. I was introduced to the wonderful world of Engineering when I joined my High Schools Robotics team. I quickly rose through the ranks and led the team through my junior and senior year. In 2011, I was a Dean's List Award recipient at the National FIRST Robotics Competition. An award that goes to a select number of individuals who show exemplary leadership and technical expertise.

Later that year, I began my studies at the University of California San Diego, where I pursued a degree in Computer Science. The start of my career in Web Development came during my time at UCSD's department of medicine, where I worked as an IT assistant, and Web Administator for the departments SharePoint site. When I wasn't at work or studying I found time to work on a small side project with a few friends, a project which later came to be known as FlipStamp.

Shortly after I completed my third year at UCSD, FlipStamp recieved funding. So I put my studies on hold to run my new Startup as CEO alongside the companies other co-founders. But as is the fate of many startups, FlipStamp shut its doors just shy of 2 years of operation.

Now I work as the Lead Developer on internal projects for an Internet Marketing Agency called imFORZA. In my spare time I've had the opportunity to get back into the FIRST community as a mentor for the El Segundo High School Robotics team, the P.O.T.A.T.O.E.S.

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